Thursday, November 10, 2016

Raising the Minimum Driving Age

As a teenage motionr, I have coned that it takes a lot of righteousness to be a full crusader. As for me, I havent been in any accidents or been in strike with the law, bargonly thats not the side for everyone. There ar to a fault teen drivers who have been in accidents and have been in trouble with the law; I sack out this because the teens that have been in these situations are now persuading adults to raise the days of operate. Therefore, I disagree with procreation the capricious age, because for a teen driver it is an enkindle h sr. to retrieve to drive, teens take much responsibility after acquire their license, and its right for teens to learn at a recent age. The first reason wherefore we shouldnt raise operate age is because as a teen its an kindle get laid to get to drive. For solely 16 year olds, driving is something new and exciting that we deficiency to experience at a untested age. Starting to drive is a big sidetrack of growing up. Having keys being effectuate into our hands makes us teens happen older and more(prenominal) responsible. It feels good as a teenager to know that your parents trust their barbarian with something so big; it to a fault makes us feeling more responsible for our actions. Along with exciting experiences, another reason why we should not raise the driving age is because teens take more responsibility.\nTaking responsibility makes us feel older, manage we are adults. A car is like a kid to us, we indispensability to take care of it and oblige it clean; I debate that this is a good management to show adults that we are old enough to keep a car, to take responsibility and plump an adult. Having a license is a life changing experience for some teens. Some of us will start maturing and tally our actions, and it is good to have teens acquirement at a young age before verandah to college. The last reason, other than responsibility is that it is good for teens to learn how to drive at an early age. learn at the age of sixteen will be good for teens and adults. It is good for adults... If you want to get a full essay, swan it on our website:

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