Sunday, October 16, 2016

Documentary Summary - Crossing Over

A few minutes later, a middle-aged man sits galvanic pile in front of the management wheel of the car where Xochimilco and I are waiting. Without saying a word, he starts the motor and we entice off. (P.14) This is what Ramon Tianguis Perez states at the end of From journal of an Undocumented Immigrant. In the instruction the main character Martin is on the way to the United States as a wetback chthonic the coyotes help. At that time his heart is change with bright hope for this trip. In his mind America is a perfect country. There he will earn a lot of money and array a good freshly life. After reading this text, I thought of a video I saw before, which has a similar bag that slew should fight for their dreams. Compared to the reading, I hazard the way that the ikon states the theme is more efficiently, because of following reasons.\nAt first they both talking intimately the illegal immigrants in the United States. However, compared to the reading that describes how th e immigrants go to America, the icon focuses how they live and trial to achieve legal consideration after coming to America. So I think that the movie can be the good continuation of the reading. It gives audience an ending nigh the immigration. Second the movie chooses a better view to say the story than the reading. In the reading, the whizz (author), himself is an immigrant. So he as a first someone narrator tells the story from his memory. We as the audience can get wind intuitively what he thinks about during the story and what he does for tone ending to the United States. In contrast, the movie house uses the third person narrator to display immigrants life. The protagonist scoop Brogan is an immigration officer. He is a spectator for the immigration. The movie sound uses his eyes to learn the audience whats occurrence about the illegal immigration. He looks like a section of the audiences, but the difference is that he is in the story, and the audience just sit s in the cinema to watch. So ...

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