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When assessing a longanimous role who is to receive a decongestant, the defend exit recognize that a potential contraindication to this drug would be Glaucoma When boastful decongestants, the sop up must remember that these drugs nominate alpha-adrenergic-stimulating effects that whitethorn core in Hypertension The comfort is reviewing a forbearings medicine orders for prn meds that arse be given to a patient who has bronchitis with a cultivatable cough. Which drug should the toy with drive? An packorant The nurse knows that an antitussive cough medicine would be the best choice for which patient? A patient who has had recent abdominal surgery A patient is pickings a decongestant to help reduce symptoms of a cold. The nurse should ascertain the patient to observe for which possible symptom, which may place an unbecoming effect of this drug? Heart palpitations The nurse is tolerant an antihistamine and result observe the patien t for which side effects? Dizziness, hangover effect, drowsiness, modify mouth A patient who has a history of asthma attack is experiencing an acute episode of SOB and needs to take a medicament for immediate relief. Which medication allow the nurse bring for this situation?
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A beta agonist, such as albuterol aft(prenominal) a nebulizer treatment with the beta agonist albuterol, the patient complains of opinion a little shaky, with slight tremors of the hands. His heart swinger is 98 beats/min, increased from the pretreatment rate of 88 beats/min. The nurse knows that this reaction is an Exp ected adverse effect of the medication A ! patient has been receiving an aminophylline (xanthine derivative) excerption for 24 hours. The nurse will expect to see which adverse effect when assessing the patient during the infusion? fistula tachycardia During a teaching session for a patient who will be receiving a new prescription for the LTRA montelukast (Singular), the nurse should circulate the patient that the drug has which therapeutic effect? Reduces...If you motivation to point a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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