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Kalidass Recognition Of Sakuntala Response

p Kalidasa Recognition of Shakuntala ResponseIntroductionThat which is unadorned requires no introduction , detonation or appreciation . For example , Light is bright-and it is lucid . deal is white-and and it is evident . As for Literature , simply say Shakuntala-and everything is evident ! When this romance reached the shores of Europe , it took the drama circles by storm .The giants of literary productions like Goethe was stunned . The moot question was how rest of the world remained ignorant when such a refined and art-form developed in IndiaKalidasa is the Emperor among the Kings of Sanskrit literature . The happy love between the deuce lovers and their heart-throbbing conversation , swearing love for each other , is without additive . From what he wrote one thousand five hundred yen time ago in Shakuntala , the r aw lovers can register alarming lessons from those dialogues , to win their love ! What a brave and pious quality Kalidasa has created in Shakuntala ! She is the universal , timeless human macrocosm . Kalidasa takes rivers , mountains , trees as witnesses to the love-scene that unfolds between King Dushyanta and Shakuntala . Wild mountains , af tones , the steams and the rivers fascinate and animise Kalidasa in his poetry .
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He has given an extraordinary spot , moving , full of suspense , and how the thwarted love was eventually redeemed between the King and ShakuntalaThe King was in the forest for chase , with his retinue and when he saw Shakuntala! , to put it in the modern love-language , it was `love-at-first-sight The King was awe-struck by the extraordinary beauty of Shakuntala . She was go with with her friends and on a flower gathering errand in the gardens and forest . Describing her heart and soul and beauty par-excellence , the poet narrates The stems from which she gathered flowersAre still unhealedThe eat where twigs were broken offIs uncongealed (Ryder , 1914ConclusionKalidasa occupies the vertex position in Sanskrit literature Shakuntala is in general based on Hindu mythology and philosophy of Vedanta . Those with spiritual inclinations pull up stakes enjoy the play Shakuntala betterReferences CitedRyder , Arthur W . Article : Kalidasa : Shakuntala and Other whole shebang Index (1914www .sacred-texts .com /hin /sha / advocator .htm - 3k - Cached - Similar pages Retrieved on May 23 , 2008PAGEPAGE 2...If you want to bring in a full essay, coiffure it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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