Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hollywood Cinemas

CF one hundred one: conference AND MEDIA FALL 2012 SEMESTER [pic] CF 101 COMMUNICATION AND MEDIA FALL 2012 Instructor Banu Baybars Hawks Kadir Has University Cibali Campus A- binge Communications grammatical construction Phone: 0212 533 65 32 (1503) netmail: Office Hours: By Appointment Teaching Assistant: Aysun ?enkal E-mail: m of order: Tuesday10:00 12:00, D relegate flick residence B Friday 10:00 11:00, D Block cinema Hall A (Section 4) 11:00 12:00, D Block cinema Hall A (Section 3) 13:00 14:00, D Block Cinema Hall A (Section 1) 14:00 15:00, D Block Cinema Hall A (Section 2) run for explanation: The push-down list media be institutions and technologies whose business is the communication of symbols, stories, and information. In this bod we will examine much(prenominal) culture industries as the i nternet, radio, television, movies, newspapers, advertising, and public relations, as well as larger issues such as globalization. The media satisfy our lives in intimate ways, in our tastes, pleasures, and dreams; they as well deal significant political, economic, and social power. Because they are so pervasive, media are ofttimes invisible. This class aims to be a citizens guide to the mass media and thereby to explore some key questions today. Since the media constantly confab themselves on people it is advantageous to know more more or less them: their functions, responsibilities, purpose and economic structure. The course will add a basic knowledge of the communication system, the uses of media, and means of objectively evaluating media surgical operation in light of media problems, promises and potential. Goals and Objectives 1. Learn how coetaneous mass media operate-as industries, makers of meaning, and shapers of society. 2. go bad your skills in critica l mentation by exploring key questions in ! media. 3. Develop your analytical thinking skills using...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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