Thursday, January 30, 2014

History Of Physics

History Of Physics Early PhysicsPhysics began when man startle started to consumption up his surroundings. Early applications of physics include the invention of the cycle per second and of yokelish weapons. The people who built Stone Henge had a knowledge of sensual mechanics in order to move the rocks and ship them on top of each other. It was not until during the period of classic purification that the first systematic treatment of physics started with the intent of mechanics.Thales of Miletus (636BC. - 546BC.)Thales is ofttimes said to lay down been the first scientist, and the first Greek philosopher. He was an astronomer, merchant and mathematician, and after visiting Egypt he is said to have originated the science of deductive geometry. He withal discovered theorems of chief(a) geometry and is said to have correctly predicted an eclipse of the sun. more of his studies were in astronomy but he also sight quiet electricity.Phythogoras (582BC. - 497BC.) Phyt hogoras was a Greek philosopher. He discovered simpl...If you pauperization to get down a full essay, order it on our website:

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