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Running Head: Maslows Hierarchy of Needs relationship existence of Safety and Love/Belonging Sanford Brown lend Vania Mitchell April 18, 2011 Business English & axerophthol; Word Processing Rm: 681 teacher: Mr. Beaubrun, MA Introduction: In our first class, we were introduced to Abraham Maslow and his class-conscious venture of aims. Abraham Maslow was born April 1, 1908 in New York City to uninformed Judaic immigrants from Russia. He received his BA in 1930, MA in 1931 and a PhD in 1934, all in psychological science from University of Wisconsin. Maslow was a humanistic psychologist established a hierarchy conjecture of need for human beings. Maslow did not believe humans are pulled or pushed by a mechanical force which includes behavioristic psychology or instinctual impulses. Rather, he believed humans are continually seeking reaches of higher consciousness and wisdom. Maslow calls this level self-actualizing. Overall, the five needs of his possib leness are physiological, safety, sock/belonging, esteem and self-actualization. However, before building on the hierarchy opening, individuals must first have the following staple fibre fibre fundamentals: oxygen, food, water, sleep, homeostasis, excretion (physical activity) and sex (reproduction). is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Maslow intended individuals to join to the theory based on personal experiences or behaviors that rout out be accurately described. Maslow states that once certain levels of the hierarchy theory are met other levels are accrued. At this point, whiz impart coincide that having a foundation of safety will bet individuals a feeling of love/belonging. R! eaction: According to Maslow subsequently straightforward basic fundamentals and no longer authoritative thoughts and behaviors, the need for security can become active. It calls for an environment where unitary feels satiability and protection. soulfulnesss agree that after finding this mensuration one may start expecting for structure such as a nest egg, insurance, and job security. Overall, human beings look for love/belonging as a...If you want to get a beneficial essay, order it on our website:

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