Friday, December 20, 2013

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Chemistry study guide: *Scientific notation: porta publication is coefficient, must be greater or check to one less than 10. 2nd number is base, must be 10 *Dimensional Analysis: a way to break up problems utilise criterions conversion factors/converting *Cancel out numerators/denominators until you get the social unit you claim (diagonals) *Conversions: 10 mm/1cm 100cm/1m 1kg/1000g 1000g/ 1kg 1kw/ 1000w 1000g/1kg *Accuracy: the measure of how fast the observational results agree with a true or judge encourage..single measurements, no quality. *Precision: the measure of how reliable the experiment is or how consistent it is...measurements be needed, speaks of quality. *SIG FIG RULES: 1. All non-zero numbers be substantive 2. Zeros among non-zero numbers are always signifi crumbt 3. Zeros before a non-zero number are never significant 4.
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trailing zeros without a decimal file are not significant unless accompanied by surplus notation indicating the precision of the measurement 5. Trailing zeros with a decimal berth anywhere are all significant Density: mass/volume * share error: your rank - true value / true value x 100 *Matter: elements, compounds, mixtures *A physical proportion is find by examining marrow *A chemical seat is how a subject matter behaves in contact with another substance *Properties can be extensive, depends on amount *Intensive can be independent of amount *Ionic: Metals + Non-metals covalent: Non-metals + Non-metals...If you postulate to get a full essay, order it on our websit e: Or! derCustomPaper.com

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