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Decisions in Paradise, Part II

Decisions in enlightenment, Part IISTUDENT NAMEUNIVERSITYCOURSE CODE AND NAME OF COURSEINSTRUCTOR/PROFESSORDATEDecisions in promised land Part IINik arrived in kavakava with a good take c ar of the theories of critical cerebration and purpose- make techniques, his initiative identification revealed his neediness of own with real world presidencyal application of critical mentation and decision-making techniques in identifying chores facing management and evaluating the kava site for the Direct2cell in his first work assignment. Alex, Director of Strategic Planning, took wide obligation for Nik?s rough report using it as a pedagogy tool. Alex explained Direct2cell?s mission statement, to become an internationally value leader in the development of nano smashicle immunobiologics for the prevention and treatment of humane disease. (Company Confidential, 2008) Nik was prep ard to analyze the report to determine the addresss of internal and orthogonal forces of influe nce to assist in the decision-making process for his next assignment. The spending of Nik?s second report and for the pur thump of this paper is to lend oneself forth and apply a decision-making technique to identify, propose and controvert practical impacts of appropriate solutions for Direct2cell to establish a greater front in kava. Nick?s revised list include deuce-ace specific root causes and two forces of influence: locate causes:1.Extreme hold and the geographic location of kava render the island to a unvaried state of dis ordering resulting in high unemployment rates, economic disparity, and pose a high look up for the wellbeing of the creation. 2.The nethitherducated macrocosm of kavakava must acquire the skills required to sustain stipendiary employment. 3.Substandard wellness of the population of Kava weakens the custody threatening Kava?s financial system. Forces of influence:1.Population age 15 and at a lower posture: needs to be turn to in order t o excise a wellnessier workforce to sustai! n Kava?s future economy. 2.Cultural and apparitional views should be discovered to determine if the women of Kava ar permitted to enter the... by and by being hired by humanity health Organization as a travel fraternity health nurse I was assigned to my first assignment to the sulphur Pacific in an island called Kava. Over 50% of the island is under 15 years of age and the languages spoken there are a mixture of Spanish, French and English. The religions on island consist of Christian, Buddhist, Islamic and native local religion. Economy of the island depends approximatelyly on oil color, coffee, cocoa, spices, bananas, sugar, tourism, search and natural gas. The place disaster threats of the island are Tidal waves, Hurri sackes, tornadoes, floods, fires, volcanic eruptions, Earthquakes, HIV/ support, petroleum spill, high insecurity for avian flu, and terrorism. After a bri ef from Alex regarding facts on Kava, Nik would now identify most issues that whitethorn adjoin job duties in community health care in the island. Focusing on the population of the island most health teaching take for rely on paediatrics health care. As disaster threats are multiple concerns an rakish system and cargo measures are to consider for safety issues in the community. Some complications that may raise concerns is the religious status of the mickle of Kava, there are certain issues that may interfere with religious beliefs and practices. Looking into the islands economy, there is little kernel to the health count on yet some concerns of health issues would probably depend on the terms of living in the island and its economy. The organizations intention is to advertise the mountains highest aim of health with the task to combat disease, especially key infected diseases, and to promote the general health of the flock of the world. By doing this in Kava, repa iring the commutation office on island forget be the! first concern as it looks like it has been hit by a disaster. punctuate availability of supplies and conduct an inventory of infallible tools for the tasks given. Since this part of the island is the worst and its the same as with the organizations office, things need to be nonionised and compose in place for easy access. Organizations administrators Alex and Chris provided much(prenominal) ask information in establishing this in the raw computer programme on Kava and weaponing the program allow take much needed problem formulation tools and techniques for the program to be a success deep down the island. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Identifying the take of the organization to formulate a decision that go around establish the outcome of the stick out is needed. One butt of the organization to keep in mind when forming decision is observe health property and assessing health trends in the island. To accomplish this objective stakeholders are to be set and in this case the people of Kava are the stakeholders. Since majority of the population are of paediatric age, the center on on health monitoring and sound judgment is based on pediatric studies. Financial issues are reliant on the figure of the program from the main office. Surveying health perils of the island needs to be conducted to identify a target for the freshly establish program. estimate go forth be conducted by the new associate on with help from the community. Two main demeanor threatening diseases inwardly the island were identified to be HIV/AIDS and Avian Influenza. These are the two main high risk diseases that the organizati on will centralize on and will implement the studies! on preventive measures that will eliminate this trend. Now the focus is identified, solutions are needed and more assessment and studies are to be conducted. The assessment and studies will concentrate on why these particular diseases are at high risk within the island and if there is a source or host that puts these particular people at risk for HIV/AIDS and Avian Influenza. The decision making will be aimed at the cause and effect of the problem. The problem identified in the previous paragraph will need much support, financially, from the main office. Causes are to be identified so that a smooth transition to the solution can be made. circumstantial thinking applied to this is needed. Collecting info and surveying is unmatched of the first steps needed for the causes to be identified. Depending on how this project is going to work, looking at a decision making tool and technique for this type of situation should be recognized. It is all-important(prenominal) to know your technique for the smooth operation of the program. References: 1.Langdon, K. (2001). talented Things to go through About Decision Making,. Philadelphia: John Wiley & antiophthalmic factor; Sons, LTD. 2.World Health Organization. (2009). WHO information. Retrieved distinguished 28, 2009, from If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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