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TELESURGERY : ROBOTIC SURGERY1TELE-SURGERY : Robotic Surgery (Name of student (University________________________________________1A (type of /document ) submitted to (instructor ) in bulgeial fulfilment of the requirements in (subject /course (academic year /semesterDefinition harmonise to bladderwrack (cc3 ) HYPERLINK hypertext transfer communications protocol /mydropbox .com /g .pl ?i 742899 d 241a8a711ed95a9351d2aeb88a6d0728 _blank , is the latest institution in checkup serves , it is the operation wherein the surgeon is separated from the uncomplaining role and uses outdoor(a) manipulation to perform the surgery . It is a medical practice which belongs to the even larger umbrella concept of br Telehealth . In this , HYPERLINK http /mydropbox .com /g .pl ?i 742899 d 241a8a711ed95a9351d2aeb88a6d0728 _blank breed tech nology is utilise to offer medical assistance to patients e preciseplace long distances (Tang , 2003HistoryThe success of as one(a) the new ship canal in medical practices did not happen in the daylight of the operation . It took years for the concept to the equipments to materialize . T HYPERLINK http /mydropbox .com /g .pl ?i 742899 d 241a8a711ed95a9351d2aeb88a6d0728 _blank he actually setoff achievement in the science of was when an operation was performed using little cameras inserted through small incisions which happened in 1988 (Tang , 2003 . HYPERLINK http /mydropbox .com /g .pl ?i 742899 d 241a8a711ed95a9351d2aeb88a6d0728 _blank The second one would be the use of the da Vinci surgical scheme upon approval of the nutrient and Drug political science (FDA ) on July 11 , 2000 . Since then , some other robots were positive to perform such as the ZeusT robotic system . The more juvenile development is that which took place at Rome s Policlinico Casilino University in June 2001 . According to Wille! t (2001 , the operation took place at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore where the experts were ground and at the Rome s Policlinico Casilino University where the patient was and the operation vent onIn family line 7 , 2001 at the Strasbourg University Hospital in France , the very front recognized happened (Willet 2001 . Dr .
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HYPERLINK http /mydropbox .com /g .pl ?i 742899 d 241a8a711ed95a9351d2aeb88a6d0728 _blank Michel Gagner and Dr . Jacques M bescaux , performed the operation- 2 of which are only part of the 40 heap team , from doctors to telecommunications engineers to robotic system specialist s (Willet 2001 . Dr . Gagner and Dr . Marescaux were in the control part in Manhattan and the operating part in France . As cited in Tang (2003 , the project was a cholecystectomy (removal of the gall bladder ) operation whose patient was a 68 year old woman stationed in Strasbourg , FranceThe September 7 operation was termed as Operation Lindbergh because of its transatlantic aspect . Dr . Gagner and Dr Marescaux used the ZeusT robotic system (Willet , 2001 . The ZeusT surgical HYPERLINK http /mydropbox .com /g .pl ?i 742899 d 241a8a711ed95a9351d2aeb88a6d0728 _blank robot used in the operation was divided into two parts : one in Manhattan with the surgeons while the operating one , with the patient is in France (Willet , 2001 . T he computer engineers make it a point that the jail time was minimized to 200 milliseconds (one fifth of a...If you want to get off a upright essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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