Monday, November 25, 2013

Symbols in Anthem

The uncharted Forest defends the fear of the beau monde in the book. comparison notes how no one even estimates about the Uncharted woodland because it represents a dangerous and fearful place in which the trees discombobulate up as guards of fearful secrets (48). It shows the fear that has been imposed on the state in this world and their fear of the unmentionable Times. It as well as symbolizes the laissez faire which equality is seeking. He enters the forest and separates himself from society. There he learns how to phone and act for himself, he sees himself for the fist time in the water, and he can now love the woman he chooses. The blowzy box symbolizes hope. It shows how Equality separates himself from collectivism and thinks for himself when he proclaims We made it. We created it. We brought it away from the night of the ages. We alone. Our hands. Our mind. Ours alone and only (59). By contrast to the agility of the box, the City is dark and only lit by candlelight. and then the light box shows the hope that Equality and all others adjourn a crap of breaking away from the collective society and becoming individuals. The nasty Word symbolizes the need for individuality.
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Although individuality is command in this time, Equality still wonders What-even if we have to burn for it the like the Saint of the pyre-what is the terrible Word? (51). It shows how the society has left idler all things that atomic number 18 connected with existence an individual; however, human nature cannot be suppressed. Like the Uncharted Forest, The undergarment Times as well sym bolize the fear that has been instilled in t! he society. Equality calls the people that lived in the unmentionable Times the nefariousness Ones, and says They are damned who touch the things of the Unmentionable Times (33). It also shows how this society is ignorant because they refused to continue the ideas of the Unmentionable Times, but instead created their own collectivist society.If you want to earn a expert essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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