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Running head : NameProfessor s NameCourse TitleDateThe aim of this is to explain how the self changes through with(predicate) and through the three stages of life ( aesthetic , ethical , spectral ) according to the literary productions of Soren Kierkegaard . Kierkegaard presents his pseudonymous authorship as a dialectical proficiency of existential stages . The first is the aesthetic , which gives direction to the ethical , which gives way to the religious ( Soren Kierkegaard hypertext transfer protocol /plato .stanford .edu /entries /kierkegaardAesthetic . Kierkegaard portrays the aesthete in the first intensity of br Either-Or through German romanticism , Don Juan , Ahasverus and Faust Soren Kierkegaard , http /plato .stanford .edu /entries /kierkegaard ) He also uses the author of The seducer s Diary as an example of t he aethete ( Soren Kierkegaard http /plato .stanford .edu /entries /kierkegaard ) The seducer finds pleasure in the possibility of seducing some angiotensin-converting enzyme and non through the very act of devotion ( Soren Kierkegaard http /plato .stanford .edu /entries /kierkegaard ) Such seducer is an example of reflective aesthete who .will enter interest into a book by meter rendering only the last third , or into a colloquy by provoking a bore into an apoplectic diorama so that he can see a talus of sweat form between the bore s eyes and capture d receive his nose . That is , the aesthete uses artifice , notion , sarcasm , and wilful imagination to recreate the world in his own image . The prime motivation for the aesthete is the transmutation of the dim into the interesting ( Soren Kierkegaard http /plato .stanford .edu /entries /kierkegaardThe lesson learned here is the lesson of coping with tiresomeness Kierkegaard points out that all men are boring and then boredom is the root of all evil (The ! gyration vogue : An turn up in the hypothesis of mixer charge ,. 281 cited in http /network .geocities .com /fk1917 /kierkegaard1 .doc . This is why measures must be make in to combat boredom .
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For Kierkegaard , these measures are through aesthetic considerations (The gyration mode : An Essay in the possible action of friendly Prudence ,. 281 cited in http /www .geocities .com /fk1917 /kierkegaard1 .doc . An example of much(prenominal) is the rotation carcass , which are employed by farmers for higher(prenominal) and better decorate fall in and produce . Through this method , farmers change the crop and the manner of cultivation but not the field (The Rotation Method An Essay in the scheme of Social Prudence ,. 288 cited in http /www .geocities .com /fk1917 /kierkegaard1 .docThe crop rotation as applied to a person manifestly means reinventing withdrawing and forgetting ones experience in the world (The Rotation Method : An Essay in the Theory of Social Prudence ,. 288 cited in http /www .geocities .com /fk1917 /kierkegaard1 .doc . In opposite speech , this entails poetic remembering and caution about one s economic consumption and pleasure , if in the middle of economic consumption , one should reflection back at it in to remember it at the afterward time (The Rotation Method : An Essay in the Theory of Social Prudence ,. 290 cited in http /www .geocities .com /fk1917 /kierkegaard1 .doc . [F]orgetting...If you postulate to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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