Friday, November 15, 2013

Bottled Water.

Bottled Water: Is It Good for you or Is It Mans Most Enjoyable vicious? M either concourse today either weigh bottled body of water, in any form, is either the gift of life, or the spawn of evil. This is because of consumer misinformation, and the horrible circumstance that most Americans will study nearly anything they ar told. Amid some(prenominal) varying reports (Williams 1), it is clear that according to a Natural Resources demurral Council study conducted in 1999, which a honorable one tercet of the 103 brands tested were in violation of the environmental apology Agencys water quality standards (AWWA 1). This is in contradiction to what a lot of people believe about bottled water. Consumers believe the stopple about bottled water, and more people must buy in to the advertisements and cute forwarding because on average consumers in the US alone go across five billion dollars a year on upright bottled water. This number is said to enhance to nearly six tie r four billion by next year (AWWA 1). In fact some companies, particularly the companies that make money turned of advertising or distributing water, companies such(prenominal) as Cosmopolitan Magazine, narrate that the NRDC study is ludicrous and misleading, and that these violations atomic number 18 only traces, that bottled water is motionless safer than bung anywhere (Williams 1). Mrs.
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Mary Jo Williams seems to think that scarce because the food and do drugs Administration released something stating that bottled water is still safe to drink, just so the masses wouldnt panic, that the tested water still wasnt against Environmental Protection Agenc! ys guidelines (1). Regardless of the possibility that these violations ar only traces, traces of poisons like Arsenic, they are still violations. However, the companies that Mrs. Williams work for would like us to believe that we are still most safe when we drink... It is amazing how ad agencies fortune people into believing bottled water is Safer. Good job. This paper was hump up reserched and made a good points in a misfortunate time. If you want to get a full essay, put up it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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