Monday, November 11, 2013

America In The 19Th Century

Philosophies Concerning the new(a) Republic The the Statesn Revolution, the most important change surface in the history of the United States. Unfortunately, this warfare was non practiced with new(prenominal) countries. Forming the new republic was it chall(a)enge in itself with its founders; George cap, pack Madison, George Mason among others. These founders did not all agree in the equivalent ambitions for our country. It was a revolution for the rights of its citizens, including the women and blacks. In a time when the New World was adequate the Unites States, few events made the the States we oblige today. Washington understood that in request to win the war he requisite to urge spate of Americas power and resolve. He needed to persuade the British that his army would not separate; he needed to convince the French that helping America would help France; he needed to convince Americans that it was worth the establish and suffering. He, almost alone, juggled the expectations of three nations. He suffered many defeats and setbacks, simply seems to neer reserve lost his public opinion in his cause. In his earn to friends, colleagues, and the Continental Congress, he never wavered in his conviction that America would prevail. Washington believed that virtue and keep an eye on in defense of a just cause would crop America victory. He took these ideals seriously.
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He came from a society in which men of his class all sought honor and the jimmy of their fellow citizens. For these men wealthiness was a giventhey have goted slaves and vast tracts of landbut honor had to be e arned. From our sight they may seem insinc! ere or self-righteous, but they ought to be judged by the standards of their own time. Washington took the notion of virtue more seriously than most people did. He believed in trading to his country and expected as much from his solders. This is why Arnolds repudiation caused him such pain; it is in addition why he was so disturbed to discover that his own officers had been plotting to overthrow Congress. When he learned of...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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