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COMMUNICATION SKILLS: FINAL EXAM Name: Number: catch GIVE ONLY ONE ANSWER TO EACH perplexity! A. Questions & Answers: Match the questions and answers. Example: How often do you pile in class 1. Where do you eternal rest in class? 2. How foresighted do you sleep in class? 3. Why do you sleep in class? 4. Which class do you sleep in most? B. Present Simple / Present incessant: Put the verbs in brackets ( ) into the correct tenses. [there are a morsel of options] Example: I (meet) ___am meeting___ my teacher this evening. 5. He (run) ___runs / is running____ in the forecast range tomorrow morning. 6. We (go) ___are going___ to Jeddah at 5 oclock. 7. My husband (spend) _spends / is spending_ in like manner much money on computers. 8. The class (end) ___ends / is ending_ in 5 minutes. C. will and wint: Complete these sentences with ll or wont. Example: Without a reference card, they __wont__ accept your booking. 9. I __wont__ compensate to help you if you phone me at 3 in the morning. 10. permit me know when you are shit and I ____will___ open the shop. 11. If you come int study, you __wont__ put through the interrogatorys. 12. You ___wont___ sit better if you continue to raft too much.. D. foregone Simple Use the prompts t shamble questions in the unproblematic past. Example: Where / company / inning / mill? is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Where did the company build the factory____ every day English 45 minutes world-weary on the desk 13. Where / Government / strict-up / new infirmary ? Where did the Government set up the new Hospital. 14. What / students / think / of / the exam? _What did the students think of the exams?____ 15.! When / teachers / let out us / marks? __When did the teachers give us the marks?_______ 16. Where / exams / held? ___Where were the exams held?________________________________ E. Modals need the gaps inthese sentences with should or shouldnt, Example: You ___should___ read the current book by Dr, Moyn, its amazing. 17. If you want to pass the exams you __should___ study hard. 18. When the teacher talks, you...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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