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Indian Essay The Indians culture is almost extinct. Why whitethorn you acquire? Because most of their field has been taken and re lie with cities, gold mines, and farming stain. close of the spoken communication has faded as well and been replaced with English. A dour with soil and language declining, its no surprise that culture has as well. Rituals practiced on sacred lands can no long happen and with language being forgotten, those rituals dont alkali a possibility of non vanishing with the last extension of Indians red away. Indian land, sepulcher land, sacred land, forbidden land, hunting land, what has happened to them? most(prenominal) of it is gone, by the white work force taking it by military or cheating them take out the land. The white men took it for motley reasons, like some Indian land had gold on it so they move them and do gold mines. Took it so they could be cause a brisk city or just to have something they could have something they could title their own. What happened to the Indians that lived on this land? They were probably killed, moved to a crowd reservation, or taken to a place like Carlisle and approximate to reform them to be like a white man. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Indian language has been steadily declining, and with every generation not learned their native natural language, it looks like the language give be forgotten and be replaced with English as their archetypical language. tho there is slim hope, with those who know it that are lock up alive and are trying to teach the native vernacular to others, like in that Yurok Language story about the br idge old Indians try to teach their language! to their young students. hardly if their students dont step up and take it sober their native language will be lost and neer spoken the way it should be, like the way it was back in the past. Finally, the Indian culture, its pretty hard to maintain a culture with land and language dwindling. Thats because if sacred land that certain rituals have to be performed on are not available, the ritual cant be performed. Plus alimental is a part of...If you want to get a resurrect essay, order it on our website:

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