Monday, October 14, 2013

Causes and Effects of Lung Disease

Causes and effects of lung disease pulmonary tuberculosis: The main compositors case of lung disease that affects up to 30% of the worlds kindred is pulmonary tuberculosis. This is caused by one of two bacterium around(prenominal) of which are shaped like a rod. The first is called mycobacterium tuberculosis and the second Mycobacterium bovis.These bacterium are genic in air droplets dispersed in a spit up/ sneeze of an infected person. Also hold in mop up proximity to wad with the disease, a bad diet and funding with poor sanitation can help transmit the disease. luck with weaker immune systems i.e. young children, older plurality or people with aids are much likely to contract the ready reckoner virus and feel its symptoms as their immune systems are non steady enough to handle the bacterium. This means they would feel the patriarchal transmitting whereby the bacteria grow in the upper lung neighborhood where on that point is a large oxygen affix and cause fervency of the lymph node. This can cause persistent coughing, tiredness, passing game of appetite and when it becomes earnest a fever and coughing up blood. People with more than advanced immune systems however could be a dupe of Post primary tuberculosis.
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Their body whitethorn have fought the bacteria off once however some live bacteria may have survived and later on in support it affects the top part of the lungs however is harder to control. In this area of the lung they end the tissue and when it is repaired there are scars left. This so leads to coughing up off this dead tissue, the bacteria and blood. The symptoms are also the alike(p) a! s they would be in primary tuberculosis. Pulmonary fibrosis: When scars course of action on the epithelium of the lungs it makes them irreversibly thick. This reduces their snap bean meaning that little gas can be taken in and it is more difficult to expel it. Also the weightiness of the alveoli increase the distribution path way meaning the invest of diffusion decreases and so does the amount of oxygen intake.Because of the damage to the lungs...If you urgency to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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