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Briefly Discuss The Life Of Emperor Constantine And Analyze Some Of The Major Ways In Which `imperial Christianity` Changed (directly Or Indirectly) The History Of The Church.

Emperor ConstantineLife , Actions , Impact on the History of the church assistant IntroductionEmperor Constantine has been draw as the first Christian emperor moth thus , he changed the history of both the roman print pucker and the Christian Church , legalising the new faith and stopping the persecution that this was not his hardly accomplishment . Constantine is a worry far-famed for the refounding of Byzantium that received his name and was c every(prenominal)ed Constantine s metropolis , or Constantinople for a long time . He also ruled all over the period of the roman history when the conglomerate continued to bewitch down br and expand its boundaries . Although Constantine never became a truly Christian ruler and legalised Christianity mainly as a way to heighten his semipolitical agenda , his decision had for the to the highest degree part autocratic impact on the history of Christian churchesConstantine s Life and ActionsConstantine was born(p) in the family of Constantius I Chlorus and Flavia Iulia Helena . His get at virtuoso point became of so-called caesares , or secondary emperors , and replaced Maximilian after his stepping down Constantine saw his father die in Roman Britain and was title Emperor by the loyal serviceman . This started the eighteen old age of his rule that included battles , the reunification of the Empire , and the introduction of ChristianityThe political impact of Constantine is also important since he was the one to get Rome back to monarchy . He make the gentle of the emperor hereditary wishing to pass it to his children . As was to be anticipate his children started the fight over throne straightaway after his closing Constantine is also known for the reunification of the Roman Empire . He proceeded from the co-rule with the eastern Roman Emper or to the lead of the entire Roman Empire .! He received the title of the emperor of the westerly Roman Empire after he won the dispute of Milvian Bridge in 312 , defeating the troops of MaxentiusWith all his recognition of Christianity , Constantine was not following its spirit to the complete . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
and so , he chose to concord all the trappings of power including the take on that he be venerated as a god , as Diocletian had through (Washington State University , n .d . However , Christianity served as a comfortable pretext for starting a war with the Licinius emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire , who violated the laws mandating the legalisation of Christianity and began a series of repressions against the Christians . Constantine started a civil war against Licinius in 324 with the 2 rivals obstetrical delivery in armies so large another like these would not be seen again until at least the fourteenth hundred (Wikipedia Both armies saw themselves as representatives of their respective faiths , pagan faith and Christianity , and Constantine s tropps won a victory over the enemy reject the fact that they were outnumberedConstantine also became famous for the founding of the new urban center in the place where ancient Byzantium was situated in 324 , called Constantinople . counterbalance off this is the site of Istanbul , Turkey . The place became a major affection of Christianity along with Antioch in Syria...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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