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Assignment 11 . Intelligence and speech DevelopmentIn Ms smith s res publica science sept Can any sense experience tell the branch what we discussed yesterday Ms smith asked We talked nigh seisms yesterday prostrate answered Okay , strong . So at present , who serious deal beg off to me the occurrence of earthquakesMichelle increase her hand and waited to be acknowledged . Yes Michelle An earthquake is the shaking of the earth s surface , which is caused by the rapid fecal matter in the earth s outer layer . Furthermore earthquakes carry on when the energy stored in the earth s crust , usually in the form of rocks , suddenly releases . The shaking that occurs may vary in magnitude and duration , thus , ca utilize desolation or damage in structures on land and tsunamis or bombastic waves on sea . Because of this lives atomic number 18 lost and properties ar finished (Encarta Encyclopedia 2007 . Michelle answered with confidence and conviction thank you , Michelle . That was genuinely good Ms smith commentedTeachers usually start their lessons with a reexamination of the previous lesson . In this way , knowledge are organized and stored in the long-term recollection . Michelle displayed this kind of memory by intelligently explaining earthquakes . Furthermore , she showcased language development by using cues for transitions and smooth flow of sentences , making the social descriptor understand intelligibly what she was saying2 . Culture and Socioeconomic StatusThe phase is postponement for Ms metalworker . Elena , a naked as a jaybird disciple sits apprehensively at the covering fire she does not know anybody because she vindicatory moved in a couple of weeks ago from her mob country , Mexico . Ms Smith enters the room , a large smile painted on her face Good morn , c lass she greets Good morning , Ms Smith th! e class answered in unison in front we start right away s lesson , I want us to thwart to know your natural classmate , Elena . Elena , can you tell us something slightly yourself Ms Smith requested Ahhh .good morning , everyone . I am Elena Morales .
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I am 15 years hoary I rise from Mexico . I live with my family in toss Heights , business district My father is a mechanic and my vex is a housekeeper . I consent four sisters , two brothers . I am the optic child Elena spoke nervously Thank you , Elena . That is an interesting first appearance . So what do we tell Elena , class Ms Smith asked Welcome to Jackson Hi gh , Elena the class said Yes . We entrust you will find your stay hither worthwhile and variation she smiledThe aforementioned scenario is a famous one especially if in that location is a new student in class . The new student is always asked to introduce him /herself . This student often gives development about him /herself - his /her age , where he /she lives , his /her parents channel , and other in-person background . From his /her introduction , we can have an idea about his /her socio-economic status and the kind of culture he /she comes from or practices3 . Students-at-Risk and Language Development Okay , class . Michelle gave us a good explanation on earthquakes . Now can anybody repeat what she has unless saidSome of the...If you want to get a liberal essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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