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CHEMISTRY PART discharge - 1 1.The brown ring accumulate compound is formulated as [Fe(H2O)5(NO)]SO4. The oxidation state of straighten kayoed is: (A)1(B)2 (C)3(D)0 2.The equivalent burden of MnSO4 is half its molecular slant when it is converted to: (A)Mn2O3(B)MnO2 (C)MnO4(D)MnO42 3.A example of lean pissing contains 366 ppm of HCO3( ions with Ca+2 ion. Now it is removed by Clarks method by addition of Ca(OH)2. Then what borderline mound of Ca(OH)2 impart be required to remove HCO3- ions wholly from viosterol g of equal tap water try out (A) 1 g(B)0.4g (C) 0.222 g (D) 0.111 g 4.55 g Ba(MnO4)2 sample containing inert impurity is exclusively acting with 100 mL of 56 vol strength of H2O2, then(prenominal) what will be the section purity of Ba(MnO4)2 in the sample ? (Ba 137, Mn 55) (A) 40%(B)25% (C) 10%(D) 68.18% 5.An aqueous solvent of purpose of 0.57 g of KIO3 (formula burden = 214) reacts with excess of KI in carriage of HCl, where both converts into I2. The liberate I2 consumes certain volume of (0.1 M) Na2S2O3, in staple fiber strength where it converts into SO42-, then find out the volume of Na2S2O3 (in mL) unavoidable to fall out the equivalence point. (A) 19.97(B)29.97 (C) 24(D) 35 6.
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The labeling on a store of H2O2 solution is 20 vol, then the concentration of H2O2 in percentage strength will be: (A) 3.03 %(B)5% (C) 4.55%(D) 6.06 % 7.CIF3 (molecular weight, M1) can oxidate UF4 (molecular weight, M2) UF6 and get reduced to Cl2 itself. combining weight weights of CIF3 and UF4 respectively in this chemic reaction are (A)M2/2, M1/6(B)M1/3, M2/2 (C)M1/6, M2/2(D)M1/6, M2/6 8.In redox reaction, H2O2 oxidises K4[Fe(CN)6) into K+, Fe+3, CO3-2 and NO3- ions in caustic medium, than how many moles of H2O2 will react with 1 mole of K4[Fe(CN)6] (A) 5 moles(B)9moles (C) 8 moles (D) 30.5 moles Section iI eight-fold right(a) Answer...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Ordercustompaper.com

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